E-Commerce Website Development

The E-commerce market is massively growing. Do you know the revenue of online e-commerce stores is expected to exceed $1.3 trillion by 2025? You can also take advantage of online shopping to generate massive sales!

However, online e-commerce platforms have become extremely competitive. Therefore, new online stores get lost in the crowded marketplace. The key to standing out in the competitive market is custom e-commerce website development company

E-commerce Store Website Development is a process of advancing the functionality of online stores to enhance user experience and website ranking. 

E-commerce store development consists of several steps: website design, payment methods, visibility, user-friendliness, and security. 

So, if your customers are not impressed by your eCommerce website, choose LPS to boost value and sales. Same as we turn landing pages into profit-making landing pages though our landing page development agency we can do so same for the whole e-commerce website.

What does an E-Commerce Website Development  Agency in Cyberjaya do? 

Developing an effective online e commerce website requires certain expertise and hiring e commerce website development services in Cyberjaya will help you manage back-end coding to content management. Therefore, new and established e-commerce stores constantly opt for custom e-commerce website development company

Here is the list of services our e-commerce website development company do to maximize the online store’s purchases;

  • Responsive Design

A team of UX/UI developers designs a responsive and user-friendly website to capture the targeted market. A developer designs your website with a customized theme to enhance brand awareness. 

A responsive website design helps customers identify products and read specs with easily clickable buttons. And LPS is also famous for making real-time 3D interactive website development and live video streaming websites development.

  • Site Security

Customers share their personal information, such as payment details, credit card info, and other sensitive details, with the online store. Thus, developing a secure e-commerce website with PCI compliance is necessary to satisfy the customer base.

As an e commerce website development company in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, we also include TLS, SSL, and HTTPS authentication to encrypt customers’ financial data in our services.

  • Payment Process

Inconvenient payment processes are the leading cause of client dissatisfaction. Time-consuming payment processes end up losing serious buyers. Hiring a well-reputed eCommerce website development agency will ensure easy checkout features. 

That’s why we also include a one-click checkout solution for existing customers. Moreover, they allow PayPal, Apple Pay, and Mobile Wallet as payment options. 

  • Mobile Experience

Mobile-friendly websites drive more sales and convert the target market into valuable customers. Site speed and mobile-friendly dimension is the most important factor for an e-commerce website’s success. 

Our e-commerce website development company will change the dimensions and design functionality for mobile users. 

  • SEO/Content Management

Search engine optimization increases your product’s visibility to rank higher against competitors. An e-commerce website development agency manages the content and implements SEO strategies to rank your e-commerce site. 

Tip: Do you want a portfolio for yourself? We do this proudly as our portfolio website development services are state of the art in our company.

To increase CRO and ROI, an E-Commerce Website Development agency in Cyberjaya optimizes headlines, product descriptions, and site copy with relevant keywords.

Shape the future of your eCommerce site with Laurea People’s Signature

If you want to ensure seamless purchases for your customers, Hire a custom E-Commerce Website Development company same as Laurea People’s Signature (LPS). We have a certified team of website developers with advanced web-building tools for website customization. We are also certified and proven for corporate website development services.

The following are benefits that we drive to your e-commerce site;

  • Increased conversion rate.
  • Optimized pages and product performance.
  • Enhanced user experience. 
  • Drives lead and high traffic.
  • Boost revenue and profit margin.
  • Low bounce rate and negative feedback.

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