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Logo Designing Service

Did you know that a client or customer’s initial impression of your brand is formed in just 7 seconds? 

Therefore, you might either get a new client or lose an existing one in a single blink. Yes, it’s your Logo.

We see them every day – the immediately recognizable logos like Starbucks, Apple — even McDonald’s golden arches. These companies have built their Branding Management recognition through consistency and simplicity that carries from print to television and digital media.

It doesn’t matter what your business does if you are a multi-billion dollar corporation or a new startup you always need professional stationery design services. Unless you want to make an impression beyond your products and services, you should design a logo.

Choosing a logo designer can take time and effort. Getting the first impression of a company can make or break how people perceive your brand and your business.

What is Logo Designing?

Logo designing is one of the most important and common aspects of branding. It’s so important that it can often make or break your brand image.

The logo is one of the brand management service which is designed to be instantly recognizable so that it becomes synonymous with your company, product, or service. It should also be easy to read at any size, from business cards to billboards.

But wait? A brand with log is a must but a brand with branding images is also very important. So also avail online video marketing services & product photoshoot services to make a branding image.

What does a Logo Designing Agency do?

A logo designing agency has a team of experts who specialize in creating unique, attractive, and memorable logos through stationery design services for companies.

They use their skills and creativity to create different concepts for logo design, which can be used as options for clients to choose from.

What will Laurea Peoples Signature do as a Logo Design Agency?

At Laurea Peoples Signature, We provide logo and branding services focusing on creating a logo design that is visually appealing and represents your brand in the best possible way. 

Our process is designed to help you get the most out of your logo design project. Hiring us as a custom logo design agency we’ll start by asking you some questions about your business, including:

Researching the Client’s Business, Audience, and Competitors

We begin by learning about your business, what you do and how you do it. We also learn about your target audience. This helps us to understand how we can create a logo that resonates with your customers and makes them want to buy from you.

And laurea people’s signature also provides services for your brand as a Brand positioning firm and brand marketing agency to grow your brand in the business market.

Brainstorming Potential Logo Designs

Next, As a custom logo design agency we come up with some ideas for logos. Our talented designers provide samples of logos based on your input. They also offer suggestions on different styles and designs so that you can pick one that fits your company’s personality.

Tip: Get our social media branding services to convert your startup into a brand & rule your market.

Developing the Chosen Design Into a Prototype (Mockup)

After finalizing the design, our team creates a mockup (a sample design) so that you can see exactly how it looks on everything from business cards to billboards.  

Reviewing the Prototype with the Client

When we’re done, we send over everything from digital files to printed proofs so you can see your new logo in real-world situations: on social media banners, printed posters, websites, or wherever else it might appear.

Why Should You Hire A Logo Designer To Build Your Brand?

You should hire logo and branding services to build your brand for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Save TimeHiring a professional allows them to create something original for you instead of creating something from scratch.
  • Get Better ResultsA professional can create better results than if you were creating them yourself because they have more expertise and access to resources that allow them.
  • Attract CustomersGetting a professionally designed logo is one of the best ways to gain clients. It’s like having a brand new outfit for your company — giving everything a fresh look and feel that will leave people wanting more! and don’t let just end customers here, make them your’s more through our brand identity services to let them remember you.

Our Portfolio

We have provided many logo designing services for many clients including 3d logo design services. The logo we designed for them is simple and elegant in style and, with minimalistic and modern elements. Our clients include:

  • Wing Xin Jewels – Online Jewellery Store, London, UK 
  • MyEissa – Health & Wellness Store, Malaysia
  • ShenGen – Machinery Industry, Malaysia
  • Fairich Legacy – Insurance Agent, Malaysia
  • Habibi Wellness – Wellness & Spa Centre, USA
  • Amaski Cafe – Patisserie Cafe, Australia
  • Sarvamayam – Online F&B E-Commerce Store, Malaysia
  • IMC – Briyani Food Truck Vendor, MalaysiaBranding Management