Brand Identity Services

Your company is your roadmap to success in which you invest time, money, and effort. Your brand needs to be unique and alluring to stand out in the competitive market. Developing strong brand guidelines makes your business a well-recognized BRAND.

                       “Strong branding makes flourishing businesses”

Developing guidelines and distinctive features of your brand are called brand guidelines. The process ensures a consistent and satisfactory customer experience. Brand guidelines represent the unique factors of your business with eye-catching illustrations and that’s why you need to have brand identity services. 

Brand guidelines of any business typically include the following;

  • Brand’s features and awareness. 
  • Logos and Guidance (we also provide dedicated custom logo creation services for our clients) 
  • Typography (fonts, themes, type size, etc.)
  • Digital illustrations (icons, pictures, and graphics).
  • Grid, templates, and visual designs.
  • Voice and tone of displayed content.

Why are Brand Identity Services Important for your Brand Voice? 

Do you want your brand voice to reach a real-time audience? Branding acts as a deciding factor for customers to make their first purchase.

Our brand identity design services adopt current marketing trends to avoid being outdated and implementing ideas that no longer convert.

This will also help you in brand positioning which LPS also provides separately as a brand positioning agency to configure a strategy for your brand positioning.

Our brand identity services illustrates your business’s identity, unique values, and brand motive to attract customers. 

Our branding and identity services create effective brand guidelines to stay consistent and ensure a seamless customer experience. They craft concise, cohesive, and compelling brand guidelines to grow your business in the long run. 

Make Killer Brand Guidelines with Laurea People’s Signature

Whether a startup or established, your business needs to keep brand guidelines alive to receive customer acknowledgment. Therefore, hiring a brand identity design company will help to make your brand guidelines compelling and exciting. 

Here is the list of services that an LPS branding team provides to make your brand guidelines appealing;

Tip: Boost your brand awareness with our video marketing services (including photoshoot services) & social media branding services.

  • Rules Development

LPS Brand identity design company develops guidelines and rules complimenting your brand’s voice and business niche. It includes the following services;

    1. Our branding and identity services adds alluring logos and graphics that represent your business.
    2. Mixing pictorial representation and illustrations to capture an audience through our brand identity services
    3. Deciding a color palette and theme that fits your business background. 
    4. Aligning content and CTA in web design. 
    5. Choosing a compelling website design to convert visitors. 
  • Mission Statement

Visualizing a mission statement with compelling themes and design builds an instant customer relationship. Our brand identity services visualizes your brand’s mission and goal to help the customers to identify; 

    1. Why you created this brand? 
    2. What’s your motive? 
    3. How is your brand a beneficial solution?
  • Clarity

Clarity of tone and statement is an essential part of strong branding. Our brand identity services develops clear brand guidelines to build customer trust and loyalty. We define who you are and where your business stands to make customers feel interacting.

  • Safety

We protect your brand guidelines with the Digital Asset Management (DAS) system. It will secure your data, including pictures, videos, icons, and information. Our corporate identity agency helps to store your data for future maintenance and development.

These not only help you in your corporate identity but also branding & marketing services which LPS takes care of dedicatedly 

Why Choose Us?

Laurea People’s Signature (LPS) is a well-known digital marketing agency that helps generate income on online platforms. With 13 years of experience in digital marketing and brand identity design services, we help our clients to make their businesses thrive in the long run. 

Our corporate identity agency team has relevant expertise and skill set to strengthen your brand guidelines, resulting in promising growth.