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Technical SEO Audit

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

Technical SEO audit is a process of verifying technical elements of your website to analyze website performance in search engines. Technical SEO audit helps you identify whether your website is optimized for the search engine or not. 

Optimized content and on-page SEO are not the only practices you need to follow for search engine ranking. 

A complete technical SEO is also necessary to ensure your web pages are visible to the search engine bot crawlers. Getting a technical SEO audit every 2 to 3 months increase search engine ranking, website exposure, and CRO.

What Does SEO Audit Service Do?

Technical SEO Audit is a very complex process and involves various crucial steps. An in-depth technical SEO Audit includes HTML, Website coding, JavaScript, optimized meta tags, and website extensions. Well-performed SEO Audits require certain tools and skill sets. Therefore, hiring a professional technical SEO agency for the services is a better choice. 

A technical SEO expert in the industry helps you find the SERP on google console. An expert technical SEO team does the following;

  • Canonicalization analysis. 
  • Mobile-friendliness analysis. 
  • Investigating indexing and server errors.
  • Website Scanning. 
  • Checking broken internal/external links.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Audit Expert

 32% of marketers worldwide believe that technical SEO offers the highest ROI. If you are not getting enough traffic on your site, hire a technical SEO expert to find the primary reasons. A well-performed and detailed technical SEO audit has the following benefits;

  • Secure website with proper HTTPS protocols. 
  • Content optimization.
  • High-speed website 
  • Improved webpage quality. 
  • Mobile-friendly operation of the website.
  • High traffic and ROI.
  • Increased user experience. 

Why Choose Laurea People’s Signature?

Laurea People’s Signature has the most experienced technical SEO experts. We have over 13 years of experience in making people develop successful online businesses. Our major initiative is to help people generate high income easily. 

Our technical SEO audit includes the following processes;

  • Full-Fledge Website Crawling

The expert team performs complete website crawling to point out flaws in your current website. The analysis provides you report on broken links, poor keywords, un-optimized images, poor meta titles, and unlinked web pages.

  • Adding Website’s Tracking Code

Tracking codes help you track your website’s traffic, CRO, and bounce rate. It is an accessible way of investigating your website performance. An SEO audit helps identify poor tracking codes. Moreover, it installs a proper tracking code to help track the results of your SEO practices.

  • Mobile-friendly Analysis

According to the new update, the mobile version of websites is significant for long-term SEO relevance. The SEO audit service includes the proper investigation of the mobile-friendliness of your website. It also audits HTTP and HTTPS domain setups to determine whether your website is mixed content or not. 

  • Determine Indexing Issues

This step involves the website indexing issues such as URL and server errors (404). It picks out the poorly indexed pages and audits your website XML sitemap to ensure your website is error-free and running smoothly.