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Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an SEO (search engine optimization) practice of finding your targeted audience’s activity. It helps you to identify what your ideal audience is looking for in search engines. Thorough keyword research analyzes what your potential customers are searching for, how your competitors perform, and where your business ranks in search engines. 

So, if your e-commerce business or website is not reaching your target audience, invest in a result-oriented keyword research service. 

Why do you need a Keyword Research Service?

Do you know 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic search? Hiring a content marketing agency can boost your website’s search ranking. 

You need a keyword research service to;

  • Target the right searchers
  • Get the right search terms
  • Drive organic traffic on your site
  • Boost website visibility to the target audience
  • Increase your ROI and conversion rate

What does a Content Marketing Agency do?

A keyword research expert extensively finds the terms your customers are searching in the search engine to help you optimize your website accordingly. They assist you in finding the right commercial terms for your business to increase your brand’s visibility.

A content marketing agency does the following;

  • Existing Site Review

A keyword research team performs critical analysis to find your current website performance. It explains your position in the keyword ranking and why your website is not reaching the targeted audience. 

  • Keyword Investigation

They perform SERP analysis to find the search intent of your website. It helps you organize keywords in clusters to optimize your webpage and target the commercial audience. 

  • Industry Research

It does comprehensive industry research to find valuable niche-specific keywords for your website. Industry research fills the gap between your website and interested people. 

  • Competitor Analysis

Experienced keyword content marketing experts conduct extensive research to point out your competitor sites. They track performance based on keyword relevance and intent to help you rank against primary keyword competitors.

Why choose Laurea People’s Signature?

Laurea People’s Signature has helped businesses flourish online with appropriate and sales-driven keyword research. LPS has 5 years of experience helping people generate income from online platforms without massive investments. 

Our keyword research process includes the following;

  • Website’s current position analysis.
  • Listing down high-traffic keywords, quick-win keywords, and new keywords.
  • Search volume investigation and CPC.
  • Advance “Search Intent Labels” research.
  • Navigational, transactional, commercial, and informational analysis.
  • A detailed and perfectly segmented keyword research report.
  • Consultation for new opportunities and strategy implementation. 

Our content marketing service helps your website generate organic traffic. It primarily focuses on converting the right audience into a loyal customer base. Our keyword research service is affordable, effective, and sales intended.