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Grow your Business with Ads Management in the Technology Era

Grow your Business with Ads Management in the Technology Era

The e-commerce world has been moving forward at a fast pace introducing different tactics for business growth. Online businesses utilize all possible tools to ensure long-life success and brand worth in the competitive market. 

According to DataReportal, an Instagram ad can reach 1.3 billion users. An advertisement is a fantastic tool that helps businesses promote their products and achieve better. However, multiple advertising channels and ad management techniques have made it impossible for business owners to take care of business and ad campaigns simultaneously.

So what can I do then?

You can hire a digital marketing agency to manage your advertisement for better reach, search engine visibility, and maximizing ROI. But make sure that the chosen agency crafts advertisement strategy and budget according to your business. 

Let’s dive deep into how effective ad management can help you grow your business in a fast-growing technology era without getting hoodwinked.

Are you ready for this? Let’s get started! 

5 Tips for Ads Management–Spend your Budget Wisely

Ads management requires specific skills and market knowledge to create an effective advertising strategy for promised growth. Here are five tips you should follow to get the best investment return in the long run.

Spend on the right audience

Imagine you being wasted trying to convert an audience that is not interested. Ahh! That’s the biggest nightmare. To avoid this, it is essential to analyze the market and target the right audience with a high chance of being converted.

You can target the audience based on demographics, age, and social status to make sure you get maximum results from your ad campaign. 

Pro Tip: If your e-commerce store sells female clothing in Malaysia, it is crucial for you to target an interested female audience in Malaysia. On the other hand, if you are a clothing brand selling unisex clothing items, you should launch different ads for each category.

Conduct in-depth research

Conduct in-depth research on your competitor, niche, and marketing strategies to design a perfect ad that brings sales to your tables. This can be done by finding the right keywords, SEO/SEM strategies, ad budget, surveys, and ads reach. 

Thorough research helps you to manage your advertisements in the future. However, expert services are still recommended to avoid wasting your budget and efforts. 

If you want to know more about SEO companies in Malaysia, click here to check out an in-depth guide. 

Be unique to stand out

Every day, hundreds of new trends are introduced in the advertisement industry to make it a mainstream marketing channel. Since everyone is trying to be unique, you must take a step ahead of them to stand out. 

Your ad campaign must have powerful imagery, metaphors, and CTAs to influence the audience to click. Build a consistent image, so the audience remembers your advertisement and chooses your products over other businesses.  

Optimize your ads for maximum ROI

Optimize the budget and bids according to the ad campaign and schedule it properly to enjoy the optimum results and ROI. Try different formats and placements with the creative ads management team to find the one that drives the best results.

Perform A/B testing to improve the content, copy, and visuals used in the advertisement. Revamp the strategies according to the new trends and analytics to ensure high conversion rates.

Monitor ads performance

But how do I know whether I’m getting sales from ads or not?

Well, that’s a good question!

You should keep monitoring your ads performance to determine how your audience responds. Expert Advertisement campaign managers used advanced Al tools to monitor the ads’ performance and public response to them. 

However, there are also manual ways to monitor how impactful your ad is in front of the targeted audience. It can be done by analyzing the analytics and conducting surveys and questionnaires. After having the required data, you can modify your ad promotion and marketing strategy according to it. 

Why is Ads Management Challenging for Business?

Spending on online advertising in the United States is expected to double that of TV advertising by 2024. It concludes that online advertisement is driving mind-blowing sales to businesses. 

But there are some on the other edge.

Many businesses think spending on social media ads is a budget waste. That’s because they do not know how to manage the advertisement or don’t have enough time to do so. 

However, you can hire a team of professionals to help your e-commerce business convert more customers online via ads. 

Laurea People’s Signature–Your Budget our Expertise

Laurea People’s Signature (LPS) is a top-notch digital marketing agency that believes in helping your online business grow immensely without hefty investments. Our ads management team understands your business’s needs with one-on-one consultation sessions to bring the outcome you dreamt of.

For more details and quotes, feel free to contact us. Our customer care is responsive over the clock for your assistance.


Top 5 best E-Commerce website designs to stand out in 2023


Top 5 best E-Commerce website design to stand out in 2023

                                                                                  “First Impression is the last impression.” 

Remember! We have been told this phrase in our first meetings usually. Similarly, your e-commerce website design should also ace the first customer impression because it is also a first meeting. 

Businesses’ websites are their main selling point. Your website must represent who you are and what you sale. According to top design firms, 50% of customers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand.

But how do I make a perfect web design for e-commerce that sells?

Your website design e-commerce store should be Impressive, Unique, and User-friendly. Your website design should be responsive and aesthetic at the same time to capture the visitors and convert them. 

Many advice and tricks are available online that promise the moon with little to show. So, please don’t fall for them. We are here to help you with the 5 best e-commerce website designs. 

Let’s have a deep look at it.

1. Bliss

Bliss is an online spa and skincare store with the most unique and eye-catching design. The e-commerce website design is funky and friendly, all set to hit the right spot of gen-z millennial customers. 

The website design emotionally connects consumers with the brand with high-quality images and design. With perfect photography and a pop of colors, the website is responsive and easy to use. Moreover, the website follows an event-driven purchase process to increase conversions. 

2. AllBirds

Allbirds’ e-commerce website design is an ideal example of minimal yet accessible.

Allbirds is a sustainable, eco-friendly brand whose mainstream audience is eco-conscious consumers. They target the customers with the right approach of highlighting “Made with 100% natural material.”

The website structure and design represent what the business offers. The website accesses a simple layout with mobile-friendly features not to miss a chance to grab mobile users. 

3. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is the perfect site to feel the aesthetic, modern touch, and sleek experience. The website design of tech accessories brands is primarily intended to make customers’ moods delightful while selling their products.

What a genius approach!

It perfectly blended the visuals and texts without over-exaggeration to make their e-commerce store look appealing and user-friendly. The products are easy to navigate, read specs, and purchase with a single clickable button.

4. Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire (Organic Bone Broth Company) has the most sophisticated and captivating product-centric images and brand voice to provide a unique sensory experience to visitors. 

The unique company presents the picture of ingredients in a floating way with products to save customers from the hustle of finding ingredients separately. In addition, the website design has hooking elements such as wellness facts and other selling points to make Kettle & Fire the audience’s last choice.


If you admire sunglasses, jewelry, and accessories, you must have heard of MVMT. But if you are not, MVMT’s website design will still make you their fan.

Throughout its e-commerce store presence, the brand brings the limelight to its main motive: premium eyewear at an affordable price. Their unique selling point has been impregnated with sleek representation and iconic videography. 

Moreover, the company has used the right amount of CTAs in the ecommerce store design to draw attention but not annoy the customers. 

Crucial Things to Consider While Designing the Best Ecommerce Website

Here are some expert tips to make your e-commerce website stand out and sell at 5x speed.

  • Customize to make it Unique: Remember! Customize, Customize, and Customize. Buyers have seen many websites with the same layout, fonts, and icons. If you use the same template, you can neither stand out nor outshine other stores.
  • Make it Simple to Use: Users are not intended to spend 10 minutes navigating the products or purchasing process. So, keep your website design simple to increase customer satisfaction in your e-commerce store.
  • Responsive Design wins: If the pages are slow-loading, sluggish, and non-responsive, your eCommerce store will lose all credibility and even existing customers. Invest in making your web design responsive and regularly tracked to avoid glitches.
  • Build Authority: Showcase user reviews, collaborations, and helpful content to help users engage and interact with your store. Don’t forget; you are representing a brand, not a retail show.
  • The Art of Visuals: Product images, videos, infographics, and animation is the key factor to increase engagement on your e-commerce site. The product images and other visual elements spark interest and impact conversion and customer retention. 

Finding an e-commerce development company for your business in Malaysia, check out this updated list of Top Ecommerce Development Companies in Malaysia.

Laurea People’s Signature–We Design your Future

Laurea People’s Signature is an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides the best website designing services to make your website outshine other competitors. We have an expert team of developers and designers who analyze, evaluate, and nourish your ecommerce store with the right elements. 

LPS also provides other high-demand services such as IT Development and Technical Support, Ecommerce Management, and Ads Management.

Feel free to contact us regarding any query or quote. We would be happy to assist you.


How to Grow Local Business Online with Digital Marketing in 2023

How to Grow a Local Business Online with Digital Marketing in 2023

Are you a local business owner and want to expand your services online? Whether you are a tattoo artist or a coffee shop next door, the online business world can open new doors of revenue for you.

Each year, nearly 1.66 billion people shop online, making an online business a new big thing. Hold on; there’s another thing, half of all US small businesses don’t have a website. That means losing half the potential to grow your business, which we want you to avoid.

If you are a startup or a flourishing local business, it’s time to go online to drive revenue and immense growth.

But how?

The answer is Digital Marketing!

You have landed on the right place to learn “How to grow a local business online with digital marketing.” Also, we will spill powerful growth hacks for 2023 to bring your business into the diverse online world.

So, let’s get into it.

How to Grow Local Businesses Online? (Digital Marketing 101):

First, you must learn that digital marketing isn’t a fast-food meal. It is a stable process that demands Consistency, Creativity, and Commitment. Once you are up with these 3 C’s, you will have the leverage of Digital Marketing.

Here are 6 easy steps you can follow to make your online business grow online and generate 10X income in 2023; 


Since local business is all about targeting local consumers, you have to perceive it. Geo-targeted advertising allows you to focus on location data and keywords to target the local audience searching for your services and products. 

For instance, if you are going for PPC advertisement (pay-per-click), you just need to keep these geo-targeting tricks in mind to get maximum output of advertising;

  • Research local and relevant keywords.
  • Target specific locations,
  • Target events or holidays.

Local SEO and Keywords:

Local SEO is the best digital marketing strategy to attract local customers and increase search engine visibility. Do you know 50% of search queries are 4 words or more? That means those four words can be a game changer, So, Play Smart.

Let’s say you have an ice cream shop in Dallas that offers all fruity flavors. It would be best if you targeted the audience with keywords such as Strawberry Ice-cream shop in Dallas to become visible to a wide range of local customers.

A pro-tip:

Prepare your geo-targeting keywords as Niche + Location + Speciality to increase walk-in and online traffic of your business. 

Thinking of getting SEO services but not sure about pricing? Check out the Comprehensive Guide: SEO Pricing: The Cost of Search Engine Optimization Services

Leverage Social Media Channel:

Fun Fact: About 27% of people head to social media after waking up. So, you can catch the social media audience with the magical wand of digital marketing. 


Get in the game with a solid plan to increase user engagement and sales chances on such channels. An engaged audience is a gateway to loyal customers, high retention, and constant growth. 

You need to analyze your targeted audience’s demographics, age group, and social status to avoid being missed out. 

For example: 

Suppose your business targets millennial customers; your presence on Tik Tok, Instagram, and youth-oriented social media platforms must be high. However, if you are targeting business owners, employees, and families, you must actively engage in FaceBook groups.

Power of content:

In the end, content holds the crown. 55% of businesses get more web traffic through their blog. 

Flood your audience with valuable, relevant, and creative content to make your business’s spot. You can connect with the local community by discussing challenges, opportunities, and other local details. Moreover, you can efficiently deliver the motive and core of your business to the audience.

Now, content can be in the form of blogs, videos, images, infographics, live chat, podcasts, and much more. You need to figure out what works best for you and bring that to the table.

Build Trust and Credibility:

Before purchasing, do you check the customer’s or your favorite influencer’s review of products? When considering taking your business online, make sure you hold credibility and authority. 

But why?

There is a high rate of online scams these days, which has made people very cautious. However, digital marketing is the best way to fill the gap between your business and customers.

With well-planned digital marketing, you can collaborate with local influencers, feature reviews, and PR strategies to gain audience trust. 


A credible website, social media presence, and community engagement are critical factors in bringing your local business online. Guess what? You can do it all at once with digital marketing. 

It does not grow your business overnight but brings continuous and progressive results. You can bring about successful online ventures with constant efforts and digital marketing. 

Want to hire a team of professionals for inch-perfect digital marketing? Contact Laurea People’s Signature now!


Influence of digital transformation on employee satisfaction in SME’s

employee satisfaction importance

Influence of digital transformation on employee satisfaction in SME's

Digitization has taken the world by storm. A major step towards digitization started in various industries and enterprises. The work is now being done, faster, more precisely, and with ease. However, we cannot deny the fact that an organization is run by the people and not by technology. Little is known about the influence digital transformation and digital culture have on employees.

To reimagine a business digitally, the employer needs to have a clear digital strategy to help the people of the company to adapt to the changing work culture. Subsequently, it should support the enterprise to bring about more innovations. The digital transformation thus comprises a digital process and digital culture.


Employee satisfaction is defined as the term used to describe the happiness and contentment of the employees of an enterprise and the fulfillment of their desires and needs at the work front. It is an important factor in the employees’ motivation, goal achievement, and morale at work. Employee satisfaction is, therefore, the degree of happiness of a worker in his/her working environment and the nature of the work.

Digital transformation is the adaptation of professional methods and practices by an organization to help sustain and effectively perform in the increasingly digital world.

Experts emphasize that digital transformation should be accompanied by digital maturity so that the enterprise can respond to the changes in the workflow appropriately, and the technology can also mature gradually.

Influence of Digital Transformation

Employee satisfaction is quantified in terms of work motivation, job satisfaction, employee reaction to the job, and employee readiness for the job. We can divide it further into skill variety, task identity, significance, autonomy, and interaction with others. All these factors are readily influenced when digital transformation takes place. Other factors include the field of work, management, payment, and colleagues’ interaction.

SMEs already use digital tech, but there is always room for improvement. With a faster workflow and optimization more opportunities are created. However, the new regulations of data protection pose a great risk in digitization, which is further aggravated by cybercrime. Also, knowledge transfer among individuals is inconsistent in the case of digital transformation. SMEs have flat hierarchies which help in faster decision making and new products can be readily introduced in small budget companies with cost-benefit use. These two factors are the main drivers of digital transformation in SMEs.

The Pros

Digital technologies improve the work-life balance of employees with facilities like home office and flex time, which betters employee satisfaction. Researchers suggest that digital transformation can facilitate access to information and engages the work role of employee. It supports and enhances creative ideas, productivity, innovation, efficiency, and perceived knowledge exchange among peers and co-workers. A foolproof digitization plan creates initiatives in the employees by facilitating their work.  It also bridges the gap between IT and business operations for better marketing strategy.

Research shows that employees strongly support digital transformation for its role in enhancing employee vision, involvement, and trust. It is also seen that employee communication and strategy building is has a negative influence because of digital transformation. The most strongly influenced factor in employee satisfaction due to digitization is task identity. Employees are more willing to contribute ideas for improvement, with a strong sense of autonomy and people-dealing skills, which makes them more satisfied.

Often digital transformation helps in the assessment of the employees to determine the digital maturity of the enterprise. Thus, it eases the load on the employees by modeling the process best understood by them. Digital transformation works with employees in five steps- promotion and support, creativity building, commitment to transformation, user-centric procedures, and data-driven enterprise.

The Cons

Conversely, it also has many repetitive, routine, and even skillful tasks resulting in the replacement of employees by technology. It also promotes excessive involvement with work, which can cause burnout and negatively affect employee satisfaction and the resultant chain of events.

Digital transformation also brings about a digital mindset in the organization, which keeps on fuelling the competitiveness of an organization leading to negligence in employee welfare. A company can also tend to rely more on digitization and less on employees leading to more employee releases.

Key Factors

Digital transformation has a better chance of successful adoption when the employees are knowledgeable. Research shows a direct positive relation with employee communication. Employee trust and knowledge have an indirect but positive connection with business and IT alignment.

Adaptation to digitization is frequently challenged by organizational or even at times departmental culture. Older employees have a somewhat indifferent attitude, sometimes, even resisting the change in their work technique. Younger employees are claimed to be fast learners and more welcoming to digital transformation. Therefore, employee age is considered a major factor.

Because of these ramifications, many organizations tend to tread on uncharted territory, not able to orient themselves to digital transformations. It is thus imperative that the process is considered as blending and that a company is digitally integrated rather than transformed. The business strategy of a company should merge with information technology assistance into a digital business strategy. Therefore, there should be a systematic approach to formulating the digital transformation process to enable competitive strategies, keeping in mind certain parameters. These parameters are the 4S’s- “scope”, “scale”, “speed”, and “sources of business creation and capture”.


Digitization requires a systematic approach to create active competency and fluidity so that business capture models are readily built to pursue value in a constantly evolving and challenging market. it should fish out opportunities from the market.


Driven by Technology to the Digital Future

digital marketing

Driven by Technology to the Digital Future

Due to the massive development in technology and IT infrastructure, things are moving faster than they used to. Digital progress over the last decade has changed how we live, work, and play. The digital revolution has hugely impacted our economy and transformed it into a technology-driven economy and society at unprecedented speed.

Have you ever stared into your PC or smartphone and wondered if it will one day overtake humanity? This question has been asked for years, but the answer remains unclear.

Let’s have a look at how technology is evolving our digital future.

Technology is the Driven Force

Quicker than any other innovation in human history, digital technologies have transformed civilizations and reached almost 50% of the population in developing countries. Technology may be a huge equalizer by improving connection, financial inclusion, access to commerce, and public services.

Technology is the driving force behind every innovation. It helps us achieve what we want in an efficient and faster way. We live in a world where everyone wants to use technology to solve problems, improve efficiency and make life easier.

Technology is changing our lives to make them better.  It allows us to do more than ever before. It helps us learn new skills, share ideas, create new things and provide great insights into the changing trends and world situations. Technology has given us new ways to communicate with each other across the world at any point in time. We can instantly send messages via email or text, stay connected on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, or even video chat with family members who live far away.

Technology has also enabled us to access information at our fingertips 24/7, thanks to search engines like Google, allowing users to search for the information they need instantly by using keywords or phrases in over 100 languages.

Is Collaboration a Must in the Digital Future?

Collaboration is a must in the digital future. The world is changing faster than ever, and we need to collaborate more to keep up with the pace of change.

Collaboration is an integral part of our lives. We constantly collaborate with our colleagues at work, friends while hanging out, and strangers while traveling or shopping. We spend a lot of time collaborating online as well.

However, very few collaborative tools enable us to participate effectively in real-time scenarios where people are physically present. Most collaborative tools are designed for remote teams who need to connect online only. This creates some limitations when it comes to real-time scenarios.

Suppose you want to share a document or presentation with your team members during a meeting. In that case, you have to send them emails or messages asking them to open their accounts and access the document/presentation, etc., which can be very time-consuming if your team has more than 5 people!

If there is an urgent task for which all team members need to work on it together, you will have to send emails asking each member to take care of this particular task.

How Has Collaboration Helped Companies to Grow More in the Digital Future?

Besides human collaboration, the digital future needs technologies to synchronize and align with each other to deliver the best output. Technology transfer, upliftment of processes, and development of new methodologies to perform quick and secure data transfer all need seamless collaboration.

Many successful stories of collaboration between companies have led to greater profits and growth. Let’s take an example of Salesforce and Microsoft:

Salesforce partnered with Microsoft, allowing their customers to enjoy Microsoft Azure services on top of the Salesforce Platform. This collaboration helped them build an ecosystem where they could connect their customers with more opportunities through simple and quick integration.


Another example can be seen in Apple’s partnership with IBM:

Apple started working with IBM to create apps for its enterprise customers using IBM Watson’s cognitive computing platform. This partnership helped them to offer AI services to enterprises around the globe by creating custom-built applications for specific industries or verticals such as healthcare, retail or financial services, etc.