How to Grow a Local Business Online with Digital Marketing in 2023

Are you a local business owner and want to expand your services online? Whether you are a tattoo artist or a coffee shop next door, the online business world can open new doors of revenue for you.

Each year, nearly 1.66 billion people shop online, making an online business a new big thing. Hold on; there’s another thing, half of all US small businesses don’t have a website. That means losing half the potential to grow your business, which we want you to avoid.

If you are a startup or a flourishing local business, it’s time to go online to drive revenue and immense growth.

But how?

The answer is Digital Marketing!

You have landed on the right place to learn “How to grow a local business online with digital marketing.” Also, we will spill powerful growth hacks for 2023 to bring your business into the diverse online world.

So, let’s get into it.

How to Grow Local Businesses Online?

First, you must learn that digital marketing isn’t a fast-food meal. It is a stable process that demands Consistency, Creativity, and Commitment. Once you are up with these 3 C’s, you will have the leverage of Digital Marketing.

Here are 6 easy steps you can follow to make your online business grow online and generate 10X income in 2023; 


Since local business is all about targeting local consumers, you have to perceive it. Geo-targeted advertising allows you to focus on location data and keywords to target the local audience searching for your services and products. 

For instance, if you are going for PPC advertisement (pay-per-click), you just need to keep these geo-targeting tricks in mind to get maximum output of advertising;

  • Research local and relevant keywords.
  • Target specific locations,
  • Target events or holidays.

Local SEO and Keywords

Local SEO is the best digital marketing strategy to attract local customers and increase search engine visibility. Do you know 50% of search queries are 4 words or more? That means those four words can be a game changer, So, Play Smart.

Let’s say you have an ice cream shop in Dallas that offers all fruity flavors. It would be best if you targeted the audience with keywords such as Strawberry Ice-cream shop in Dallas to become visible to a wide range of local customers.

A pro-tip

Prepare your geo-targeting keywords as Niche + Location + Speciality to increase walk-in and online traffic of your business. 

Thinking of getting SEO services but not sure about pricing? Check out the Comprehensive Guide: SEO Pricing: The Cost of Search Engine Optimization Services

Leverage Social Media Channel

Fun Fact: About 27% of people head to social media after waking up. So, you can catch the social media audience with the magical wand of digital marketing. 


Get in the game with a solid plan to increase user engagement and sales chances on such channels. An engaged audience is a gateway to loyal customers, high retention, and constant growth. 

You need to analyze your targeted audience’s demographics, age group, and social status to avoid being missed out. 

For example

Suppose your business targets millennial customers; your presence on Tik Tok, Instagram, and youth-oriented social media platforms must be high. However, if you are targeting business owners, employees, and families, you must actively engage in FaceBook groups.

Power of content

In the end, content holds the crown. 55% of businesses get more web traffic through their blog. 

Flood your audience with valuable, relevant, and creative content to make your business’s spot. You can connect with the local community by discussing challenges, opportunities, and other local details. Moreover, you can efficiently deliver the motive and core of your business to the audience.

Now, content can be in the form of blogs, videos, images, infographics, live chat, podcasts, and much more. You need to figure out what works best for you and bring that to the table.

Build Trust and Credibility

Before purchasing, do you check the customer’s or your favorite influencer’s review of products? When considering taking your business online, make sure you hold credibility and authority. 

But Why?

There is a high rate of online scams these days, which has made people very cautious. However, digital marketing is the best way to fill the gap between your business and customers.

With well-planned digital marketing, you can collaborate with local influencers, feature reviews, and PR strategies to gain audience trust. 


A credible website, social media presence, and community engagement are critical factors in bringing your local business online. Guess what? You can do it all at once with digital marketing. 

It does not grow your business overnight but brings continuous and progressive results. You can bring about successful online ventures with constant efforts and digital marketing

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