social media management company for small business

Social Media Management

You’re probably familiar with a lot of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, right?

In today’s social media landscape, any business is able to increase its reach, drive sales and build brand awareness if the social media channels are used effectively.

But managing it takes a lot of time and effort, why don’t you let a professional handle it for you?

What is Social Media Management?

Simply put, social media management is a process of creating, publishing, promoting, and managing content across all social media platforms through social media account management services. While social media management is just a part of digital marketing services but it is much more important than any other thing in business nowadays.

It goes beyond just posting updates about your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase your brand’s reach and visibility.

What will Laurea People’s Signature do as a Social Media Management Agency?

We are a social media management company responsible to develop a content strategy and drive engagement for the company’s social media platform with the goal to improve website traffic and brand awareness. We have a dedicated team of social media experts who understands the ins and outs of all social media platforms and will use that advantage to increase your online presence and generate more leads.

How do we do that? Well, it includes :

Analyze and Strategize a Plan

Before we go any further, we’ll first have to do a bit of research on your business, and who your competitors are, and strategize a plan which aligns with the current trend and targeted audience.

This not only helps social media marketing but also in full-service conversion optimization which Laurea People’s Signature provides

Scheduling and Posting Contents

As a company to manage social media & to stay on top of things, we’ll schedule and create content with engaging texts and high-impact visuals which engage with the customers and speak to their needs.

Laurea People’s Signature also works as a dedicated seo content writing agency for your business’s needs.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

In addition to our creative work, in our social media management services, we’ll also spend time analyzing the data on how the company’s posting and content are performing and if there’s anything to improve.

Content marketing is also a service that we provide dedicatedly to increase your visibility through video marketing, content writing, blogging, & others as b2b content marketing agency

Manage the Online Community

Apart from posting content, we’ll also be responsible for engaging with the users and seeking out new leads on the platform. We also provide dedicatedly lead generation management services and google ppc management services for businesses like yours to get customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Management Company

  • Save Time Hiring an expert will save you more time and energy
  • Builds Brand Recognition A professional will allow your brand to stand out among the sea of competitors.
  • Increased TrafficSocial media is a perfect medium to drive traffic. If managed by the right hands, you’ll see customers swarming to your website in no time!
  • Protect Your Reputation Professionals review all comments and negative reviews online before they go viral.
  • Agencies are More ObjectiveExperts have skills and knowledge in different platforms, so you don’t have to start from scratch when managing each account yourself.
  • Years of Experience With years of experience, a professional knows what works best for each platform and industry.

Our Portfolio

As a social media management company, we are managing a few social media platforms and have proven to grow in traffic and engagement. Some of our clients that took our social media management services to include:

  • Niikama Hijab – Islamic Clothing Industry, Malaysia
  • Blackdime International – Feminine Hygiene Products, Malaysia
  • Sofiya Solution – Health and Wellness Store, Malaysia
  • Wing Xin Jewels – Online Jewellery Store, London, UK
  • Azima Alya Fashion – Turkish Fashion Industry, Turkey
  • The ICON 2022 – Virtual Event Industry, Malaysia
  • UOutdoors – Hunting & Sports Store, USA
  • Inmachi Signature Ventures – Briyani Food Truck Vendor, Malaysia
  • J Sha Designs – Creative Designing Industry, Malaysia