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About us

About Us

Laurea People’s Signature originated as a network company in 2018, offering the client network with Accounting, Audit, and Taxation Services. However, with an incessant demand amongst our clients to enhance the digital presence and existence in the economy, the network company dived into B2B digital marketing solution offering the best marketing in Malaysia.

With significant growth in the years to come, Laurea People’s Signature turned out to be a Registered Limited company in Malaysia and soon extended its branch to London, United Kingdom. Since 2020 and the hardships of the Pandemic, there has been no turning back.

Our B2B Marketing solution stands on the pillar of successful brand management and incredible customer relationship management in Malaysia and beyond, shaping a company's future in the business ecosystem. Our answer lies in empowering a business to better customer service by having a sound understanding of their needs and desires. We want our clients to read the customer psychology, even before they can read their own.

Since marketing is evolving, our interaction and implementation methods continue to change. We keep ourselves consistent in keeping up with the trends and uplift the startups in local and international markets. Laurea People’s Signature strives to bring excellence and become Asia’s top Content Writing Agency that aims to dare every aspiring entrepreneur to chase their dream, and we shall shape it into a wholesome business.



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Mission and Vision

We intend to be Asia’s top Content Writing Agency for B2B Brands and also offer them one umbrella solution for Business Administration & Management Needs.

Creating a space for growing entrepreneurs and startups to keep in touch with the digital economy and thrive on innovation.

Core Values

Result Driven Approach

Our Creative touch to your business not only aims to make it better but also focuses on deriving results through an exemplary approach.

Mutually Beneficiary Outcome

Your success is equal to our profit & growth too. We collaborate with the most proficient ones in the field to make your business strategy effective.

Embracing Risk

Taking calculated risks is always on our list to make room for newer possibilities and opportunities. We follow our instincts to take on new challenges and embrace difficulties while questioning the norms in the process.

Welfare of our People

We value the efforts of our people; that’s why we are consistent in offering appreciation for their excellent contribution to making LPS a success.

Want to know more about us?

Laurea Peoples Signature is a pioneer in Customer Experience Management and a market leader in Business Administration. Laurea Peoples Signature has a comprehensive understanding of management by integrating a customer experience into your business practices. By capturing customer insights and driving action based on them, Laurea can drive immense business results.